Live: Big Red
385 Holloway Road
Sunday May 6 2012

"Bank holiday Sunday and Big Red are holding their bank holiday weekend of live bands. Tonight sees Mötley Künst playing two live sets of all classic Motley Crüe covers, the big difference apart from other covers bands is that Mötley Künst is all female. Yes thats right! All girl Crüe and they are here to prove that girls can do good covers. The pub is filling up and the band get ready to hit the stage, optimism and atmosphere building, but from the first song it's all full throttle from these rock chicks, total attitude and adoration for the music of Mötley Crüe. Lead singer Danni being of pure entertainment with between song banter even putting one guy in his place after heckling. Great renditions of classic Crüe, everything from "Live Wire" and "Home Sweet Home" to modern Crüe in the form of "Saints of Los Angeles". If you want to see a great covers band with attitude definitely check out Mötley Künst at their next show. " 

Live: Kiria - Stash - Mötley Künst
St. Moritz Club, London
Friday June 29 2011

"Back to the St. Moritz tonight - that scaled-down model of a night club that currently keeps the rock 'n' roll fire burning in the back streets of Soho.

And you can't get much more röck 'n' röll than Mötley Künst, who are - wait for it - an all-girl Mötley Crüe covers band. Now, as a general rule, I don't do covers bands. But Mötley Künst are so entertainingly conceptual that I think I'll make an exception.

It also helps that I don't actually know any of the Crüe's hair-metal anthems (I've led a sheltered life). Which means that to me the Künst come across as a feisty and energetic glam unit, slamming out stripped-down Runaways-style rock with suitable quantities of take-no-shit-ness. It's a shame, in a way, that the band's stripped-down Runaways rock is not actually original material. If it was, that would be a pretty good premise for a kickin' rock band. Hey, it worked for the Runaways."

Michael Johnson, Nemesis To Go

Loitered Lens: Motley Kunst [Pics]

"Sometimes you just can't help the hawtness of stereotypical gender roles, they constrain and oppress us all.

Day in, day out. in. out. in. out. in...

Anyway, Motley Kunst are an awesome All Girl Cover band... apparently they love to perform and rock damn hard etc etc.

Just look at the damn pictures already..."

Carl Batson, Trebuchet Magazine