Boo! We are on hiatus for the summer due to line up changes. We still think you should go to both of these gigs though as they are defo gonna rock...

Saturday 14/07 
Glammed Out - a sleazy night of bands, djs and dancing girls!
Holloway Road

Saturday 11/08
The Windmill, Brixton, all day bands and BBQ event with The Winter Olympics

PAST GIGS - 2011
Brixton Windmill with Drunken Balordi and Long Tall Shorty
The Fighting Cocks with Spandex Love.
Ryan's Bar with Honey Kill
The Purple Turtle supporting Indigo Down
100 Club with The Duel and iF
Club for Losers at St Moritz with The Priscillas,
The Monarch with Metalworks
The Bird's Nest in Deptford with Kitty Lipps and I Like Bugs
Scream Lounge with The Devil Cocks & St Evel
The Big Red, Holloway