Mötley Künst are the all-girl international sensation you've never heard of. They've played with the likes of Poison, Guns n' Roses, White Snake and a host of others. They even stepped in for Alice Cooper's touring band when all the members were struck down in a freak milkshake accident in Akron, Ohio.

The live show is an adventure of short skirts, high kicks and balls-out adrenalin which has seen vocalist Danni Deville and Bassist Scarlette O'Harlette taking turns riding a mechanical bull whilst simultaneously strip-teasing with an articulated anaconda.

Drummer Käöz studied under Taiwanese pole dancers and can swallow her sticks while performing an outrageous and perfect drum fill. Must be seen to be believed!

And last, but certainly not least, guitarist Jamm has broken hearts of every stripe, gender, age and height across Europe and the US with her guile. Some have even said she practices witchcraft... No one has ever seen her and Elvira in the same room... Just saying...

Mötley Künst are available in 2012 for birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs and any Olympic parties.