Saturday, 12 May 2012

May, the month of free gigs!

Wow! Last weekend was a massive rock mash up with gigs at Scream Lounge in Croydon and a double set at The Big Red in Holloway (and both for free - you people are being spoiled!). Thanks to Jon (Scream) and Jo (Big Red) for organising things and looking after us.

We met & interviewed the fabulous St Evel and The Devil Cocks - hilarity ensued and can be viewed on our "Questions" page as part of the ever-expanding series. Be sure to check out the videos and catch these bands next time they're playing for a good night out!

Next gig is at the end of the month in Brixton - check out the rockin' flyer! And once again, 'tis a free show in London so no excuses not to party with us and bring all your friends along for the ride. It's hosted by the exceptional Offline Club who put on free events regularly - support your local scene!

x MK x

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