Sunday, 31 July 2011

What a weekend!

Well, it's been a busy one! Where to begin?

We had an awesome gig on Friday night at Club for Losers at St Moritz. Stash and Kiria were great and we also met some fabulous folks as well - with a big thanks to Max Mitchell for organising the night.

Loaded in, sound checked, then nipped around the corner to the Candy Bar for a quick one before the gig. We hung out with Stash and the lovely Shona, Sharon Stiletto and Father Michael. Good times!

Then it was back to St Moritz and we took to the stage around 11pm (there was a bit of a delay due to a missing high hat, but all was quickly sorted!). Check us out doing Saints of Los Angeles and the high quality camera work of The Stabilisers' guitarist Istvanski!

After the gig we all had some drinks and hung out a bit. Met the really cool Jez & Mauro from Jonny Cola & the A Grades who will be playing next Friday's Club for Losers - check them out if you get the chance.

Saturday saw some messing about with logos and screenprinting which was actually quite exciting! We're looking forward to making our own t-shirts and other goodies. It is a lot of fun and totally recommended as an excellent way to spend an afternoon. After a cleaning ourselves up (yes, we are dirty girls), it was off to a gig at Camden Rock.

Live! at Camden Rock is a new monthly by Phoenix Promotions. A fiver on the door, we rocked up and caught the tail end of the first band Carnage from Manchester - high energy sleazy rock with a chick singer, they ended their set with a Crash Diet cover.

Next up, The Royal Cartel took the stage and blew us away. Heavy and hard-hitting, they sounded good and rocked the stage. We got their 6 song cd for only two quid (bargain!)from the totally awesome chick bassist Lzi. Give 'em a listen - they've got some tracks on their website too, but this is really a band that you need to see live to get the full experience and energy.

The headliners and crowd favourites Damn Dice finished off the night. We had to run off to another party so only caught the first bit of the set. We'll let their bio do the talking here: "Damn Dice are an emerging, new band, equipped with a high energy, powerful, hard rock sound. Their unrivalled stage presence is equally matched with the glamorous image of four, long hair, sexy looking guys dressed to kill." What else can we say?! You can catch the opening for the LA Guns European tour - nice one, boys!

August is pretty quiet here as we'll be busy preparing to go into the studio to record some tracks. We've got upcoming gigs in September at Ryan's Bar in Stoke Newington, The Purple Turtle in Camden and Cock Tavern in Kingston - details tba!

Keep rocking!
x MK x

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